How to get rid of tonsil stones?

What are tonsil stones?  how to get rid of tonsil stones

Tonsil stones are white or yellow gobs that forms in the tonsils’ crevices and pockets. Tonsil stones are medically referred to as tonsilloliths and results from accumulation of food debris, bacteria, mucus, dead cells and other substances on your tonsil crypts. Tonsil stones are formed from calcification of the accumulated materials on the tonsil crevices and are comprised of calcium and magnesium salts. In most cases, they are not detected easily unless by use of radiology examination. The symptoms of tonsil stones include: Sore throat, bad breath, swollen tonsil and difficulty swallowing food. They can infect anyone but are mainly common in young adults.

How to get rid tonsil stones

There are several ways of removing tonsil stones ranging from medical to the natural ways. These deposits are quite sensitive and can easily lead to bleeding if not removed safely. It is therefore advisable to select the most effective and safest ways of removing tonsilloiths from your mouth. It can also be used to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Home remedies


This is one of the most common ways of removing tonsil stones. The calcified salts are delicate hence appropriate gargling is effective in removing them. There are various mechanism of gargling that gets rid of tonsils effectively such as the use of warm water, salt water and mouth wash. When you experience tonsillitis, gargle with warm and salt water for at least three times a day. This helps in removing the tonsil stones before the formation of larger deposits. In addition, you can use carbonated beverages such as club soda or seltzer. Swelling caused by tonsilloliths is minimized by the gargles while the tonsil stones are weakened by the salt water and carbonated beverages. Using oxygenating mouth wash to gargle is another effective way of removing tonsil stones. The mouth wash comprises of chlorine dioxide and zinc compounds which hinder the bacteria growth. Oxygenating mouth wash should however be used twice per week at most.

Water Picks

Water pick also referred to as an oral irrigator can be used to remove tonsil stones effectively. Using the oral irrigator, flush the irritating areas repeatedly. Ensure that the water pick is appropriately set to avoid further irritation or spread of the tonsils. The water picks functions by producing blasts that breaks up and dislodges the stones.

Soft bristled Brush

Soft bristled brush is used to weaken and break up the tonsil stone. This is achieved by massaging the affected area using extremely gentle and slow strokes. Electric brushes are also effective in eliminating the tonsil stones since their vibrations helps to break up the stones. After weakening the stones, use warm water to remove them by gargling.

Moistened Q-tip

Place the Q-tip below the tonsilloliths. Apply pressure and move the Q-tip upward slowly. The pressure is adequate to remove the tonsil stone from the crevices. In case you don not have the Q-tip, you can use your hands. It is however advisable to wash your hands appropriately before use to prevent further bacteria infection on the affected area.

Using you tongue

Your tongue can also be effective in removing tonsil stones if used appropriately. In this case, press your tonsils using the tongue and attempt to break them up for about ten minutes. Drink some water in the process to help you swallow the debris.

Medical Remedies


This method is used in cases where the home remedies fail or there is discomfort, swelling or infection resulting from the tonsil stones. It involves the removal of the tonsil stones by the help of a specialist such ad the ear, throat or nose doctor. The doctor scraps it out by numbing the affected area.

Laser Cryptolysis

This method is used to get rid of tonsil stones permanently but is quite expensive as compared to other methods. Laser crptolysis is used in cases where the stones recur, cause infections, discomfort and swelling. It involves the use of carbon dioxide to smoothen or close the crevices or pockets on your tonsils which are prone to development of tonsil stones.

Use of antibiotics   

Tonsils stones result from accumulation of bacteria. This implies that antibiotics can be effective in eliminating them completely. It is however advisable to undergo specialized examination before using antibiotics to avoid misuse of the medicine.

In conclusion, removal of tonsil stones medically is quite expensive and painful hence it recommended you try the home remedies before resulting to medical intervention.

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