What is a brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax was first introduced in New York in the year 1987 by seven blood sisters of Brazilian origin. They called themselves the J sisters. Today, Brazilian wax is the most popular method of public hair removal in the United States.  brazilian wax

There is a big difference between the Brazilian wax and the regular bikini wax.
This is so since in brazilian wax, compared to bikini wax the hair is removed from back, front, and anything in between. There is always a landing strip that is left behind, in the front. However some clients prefer not to have any hair remain.

The Brazilian technique has come up with new trends that increase beauty under the belt. An example is vajazzling- this is a temporary tattoo design that is placed in the bikini area. Another one is vatooing- a temporary tattoo that is drawn for the private regions.

How Does Brazilian wax work

Most of Brazilian waxes take place in a private room inside a beauty parlor. As a customer you will be left alone in the room and asked to remove all your cloth. You will then be told to lie on a clean table covered in sheets and paper. Most customers are provided with paper thong. You can ask for one if is not provided.
There is a general rule that says the hair has to be ¼ inch although it is also preferable. This quarter inch of hair is where the wax grabs onto. You can always ask your cosmetics to trim the pubic hair to the right length. Remember short hairs are an obstacle to waxing since it will be difficult for the wax to grab onto the hair.

Then the next thing that will be done to you is application of talcum powder to your skin. Your Technician will then apply the correct amount of talcum powder to your skin. The importance of this powder is that it prevents wax that is hot from sticking onto the skin.

The faster the Esthetician is – the less you will feel uncomfortable. The Esthetician will then put waxing stick into a pot containing hot wax. He or she will then spread it gently onto your hair and skin. A cloth strip is then applied over the still warm wax. The Esthetician will press firmly so that hair, wax and the cloth adhere together. When the wax cools it is then slowly stripped off on the other side of the growth. Your Esthetician will then pull each the hair out from the root.

Sometimes the waxing can be too painful. If this happens you can tell your waxer to apply strips gently and to smaller regions each at a time. However, using thick and hard wax is less painful.

Most waxing processes usually start from the front working towards the back. Your technician may ask you to help to hold skin taut.

There is what is called “holly wood” wax. It is whereby your technician gets rid of the hair between the buttocks. This can happen only if you would like it completely bare.

After process is complete, your technician will remove any traces of hair from the skin and will trim the remaining trim or create patterns of different designs. Most people prefer dying the pubic hair that remains. The waxer will then spread lotion on the waxed regions. A body scrub will help if bumps develop or ingrown hairs .It is good to have your technician’s contacts In case of any complications.